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Dave talks to Mike in Cheshire and Claire from Newcastle about all the gossip from the Digital Spy forums.

– We discuss the recent death of Amy Winehouse.
– The Rupert Murdoch fiasco.
– The Apprentice finale.
– BskyB v BBC
– Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole

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We are joined by members and Speartackle writers Alan (Limerick) and Peter in Toronto and Morne in Capetown.

The lads give an in dept view into the Tri Nations and the effects this will have on the big guns for the Rugby World cup.

They look back at the Heineken Cup draw and give their views on the groups involving the Irish provinces.

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Mike, “Bill Clinton”, joins me from the Digital Spy Forum for the first episode of this Media Horizons chat show.

We discuss:

– The Closure of the News of the World, is it really closing?

– The Apprentice, who will win?

– Big Brother on Channel 5.

– X Factor

– Is there a Digital Spy type person?


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We are joined by members and Speartackle writers Alan (Limerick) and Peter in Toronto, Canada.

The lads give their opinions on who should make the plane for the Ireland’s 30-man squad for the Rugby World Cup.

We pay tribute to an Irish rugby legend John Hayes, who is retiring after the world cup.

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How to succeed in business…

Posted: July 7, 2011 in World Chat

Iain MacDonald, a young entrepreneur entered the telecommunications industry with a simple idea in 2001. He called it ‘Perlico’.

6 years later, having been successful, he sold Perlico for over €70 million. He has now entered the world of online social media and his new venture ‘Skillpages’, recently received their 1 millionth subscriber.

So what are the secrets to his success?

Dave travels to Skillpages HQ to find out.


Iain MacDonald interview


Check out the Skillpages website.

We are joined by members and Speartackle writers Alan (Limerick) and Peter (Wicklow).

We look ahead to Ireland’s chances in the upcoming Rugby World Cup and discuss the competitive Northern and Southern Hemisphere teams looking to prove a point.

Connacht Rugby gets a special mention for their place in the Heineken Cup.


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This clip highlights the need for traffic lights. Look closely and see if you can spot the small green car that appears to have escaped the sandwich.


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