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Irish holidaymakers are saying ‘no’ when it comes to visiting Ulster, a recent survey has revealed.

Kerry is head and shoulders above all other counties when it comes to favourite holiday destinations with over 24% of the vote according to a new survey by leading property website

Angela Keegan, Managing Director of spoke to Newstalk’s Dave O’Grady, and first addressed the unwillingness of a lot of Irish people to holiday in Northern Ireland.

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The X-Factor and Big Brother are back on our screens as the showbiz roller coaster begins once again.

Already, people are talking about who will win and who will lose. One of the Uk’s top showbiz journalists, Kevin O’Sullivan from the Mirror newspaper, spoke to Newstalk’s Dave O’Grady.

Dave first put it to Kevin that reports have suggested that the X-Factor received its highest ever ratings  on an opening night.

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One this episode:

Dave is joined by Peter in Toronto, Canada and Emmett in Scotland.

We look back at the Tri Nations and see what country are best prepared for the Rugby World Cup.

We assess Ireland’s performances in the World Cup warm up games.

And much more….
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Jedward are Victorious…

Posted: August 17, 2011 in World Chat

In a week that has seen Jedward release their new ‘Victory’ album in the UK, their tour manager Liam McKenna talks about the challenges of managing the pop duo.

Liam himself is no stranger to show business. Having left the pop group ‘Six’, he worked across the media, presenting TV shows and interviewing big names like ‘50 Cent’ and the ‘Pussycat dolls’. He also worked on the X Factor with Louis Walsh.

Having traded his career in front of the camera to one of behind the scenes, Liam gives an insight into the busy working lifestyle that himself and Jedward have.

He spoke to Dave O’Grady and began by discussing the new album ‘Victory’.

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Joan Mitchell, a new writer, who grew up during the troubles in Northern Ireland, tells us about her positive viewpoint towards redundancy.

Last January, Joan was let go from her job as Irish Sales Manager for Walt Disney.  A few months previous, her husband had a heart attack and she discovered that her son has Aspergers syndrome.

Joan explains how in a short space of time, she was able to turn her life around and make new things happen for herself. She even appeared on TV3′s ‘Ireland AM’ providing a book review segment.

She spoke to Dave O’Grady and offered some advice for those who have just been made redundant.

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Dave talks to Socket, Arthur and Debbie from the Peoples Republic of Cork forums. Debbie is located in Israel.

On the show we discuss:

The London riots…

The News of the World phone hacking scandal…

Duffer vs Lamps….

Rosie Webster…

And much more.

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