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Duff posterweb2014On the YBIG Football Show this week, Dave O’Grady chats to ExtraTime journalist Pete Kelly about the Macron Galway Cup.

Liam Murray of YBIG tells us about Damien Duff’s YBIG 7-aside Kings tournament taking place in June while Perth Glory’s programme editor Gareth Morgan gives us the low-down about Irish players in the English leagues, including those who made the PFA team’s of the year!

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Panel includes:

Gareth Morgan

Liam Murray

Pete Kelly


Topics include:

Irish players in England

Damien Duff’s YBIG 7 A Side

Macron Galway Cup


Irish soccer legend Dave Langan joins us on the show this week. He talks about the highs and lows of his career including the fantastic times he wore the green jersey.

Irish fans will no doubt be excited about the release of Dave’s book ‘Running Through Walls’.

Also joining Dave were Irish fans John from Dublin, and Joe from Limerick.


On the agenda:

Stephen Kelly’s good club form

Jedward’s Euro 2012 song

Uefa tickets resale portal



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YBIG Football Show with Dave O’Grady.

Dave is joined this week by international journalist Philip O’Connor, who works with one of the largest media companies in Europe. He is also famous for bringing GAA to Sweden!

Also on the show is Limerick man Joe, who runs the Irish Abroad website. Joe talks about the pressure of having to grow a mustache in a short space of time.

Also coming up:

Super Robbie Keane

Young Irish Villains

Games with Czech, Bosnia and Hungary..

A bus to Poznan, are you serious!



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After the episode of ‘PremChat’ with Sunderland fans, Mark Harrison was good enough to send me out a copy of the Irish edition of their magazine Seventy3.

The magazine is split in two, one half dedicated to Ireland, the other to Northern Ireland. With some fantastic interviews with Kenny Cunningham and Graham Kavanagh.

Special guest editors for this edition were Charlie Hurley and Johnny Crossan.

You can check out their website here:



The ‘YBIG Footie Show’ with Dave O’Grady.

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Irish Daily Star columnist Mark McCadden joined Dave and the lads on the ‘YBIG Footie Show’ this week.

Dave was also joined by John in Dublin, James in London and Joe in Limerick.

Coming up on the show:

–          Bring James McClean to Euro 2012?

–          Is Trap thinking of the wrong person when referring to Marc Wilson?

–          Tribute to the wonder career of Kevin Kilbane.

–          James McCarthy, too good for Wigan?

–          Irish players on twitter and a certain mention of Joey Barton.


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Don’t forget that Joe is helping to raise money for a terrific cause and is looking for more people to be involved.

For more information about the screening, there’s a thread on the forum:

The trailer for the film is on youtube:

There is also a public facebook event for anyone who wants to attend:

In the Hunt of a Wolf!

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The YBIG Footie Show with Dave O’Grady.

On this week’s show, Irish soccer star Stephen Hunt chats to the fans about Euro 2012. He also discusses his career and the emerging Irish stars at Wolves.

We also catch up with Antonio in Poznan, who helped set up an Irish fans village for the European Championships.

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Irish football legend Ray Houghton has told Irish fans to enjoy themselves when they travel to Poland for Euro 2012 this summer because Trapattoni’s charges may be involved for longer than people think.

Speaking to supporters on the ‘YBIG Footie Show’, the hero of Stuttgart and Giant’s Stadium believes the Republic of Ireland still have a good chance of qualifying from what some believe to be a ‘group of death’ with world champions Spain, Italy and Croatia.

“They will be tough games but they’re the games the players will be relishing. Spain are the best team in the world and Italy are masters at tournaments but we still have a great chance to get through the group. A win in the first match against Croatia would set us up well’, said Houghton.

The former Liverpool and Aston Villa star and now member of RTE’s football panel played in three major tournaments with Ireland, putting the ball in the English net at Euro ’88, scoring an Italia ’90 penalty on that stifling afternoon in Genoa and hitting that wonder goal in the famous win over Italy at USA ’94. He feels that this current crop of Irish stars could experience something similar.

“They will really enjoy it. From the players point of view, the fact it’s in Poland rather than Ukraine will make a big difference. They will have less time waiting around in airports to catch different planes and more time to focus on the matches coming up.”

Ray was joined on the Irish supporters’ show hosted by Dave O’Grady by Póg Mo Goal’s James, Irish fans John in Dublin, Paul in London and Conor from Armagh who is based in Leeds and they took the opportunity to put a few questions to Houghton.

Q: Do all of the lads from Euro ’88 and Italia ’90 stay in touch or have you all naturally drifted away?

Ray: Some of us still keep in contact and we often see ex-internationals at Ireland matches.

Q: Should Jack Charlton have taken your former Oxford colleague and YBIG legend Dave Langan to Euro ’88?

Ray: Jack didn’t seem to fancy Langy for that tournament but you have to remember we had a lot of great defenders in the squad at that time, including Paul McGrath.

Q: While you were coaching the Irish fans’ team for their match against Wales, Barry Hand took one of the worst shots ever seen in the history of football. He was one yard out from the goal line, with an open goal and somehow managed to scoop the ball over the bar. Have you ever seen anything as bad as that in your years watching and playing football?

Ray: I never saw a miss as bad as that but I have also missed some bad ones in my time.

Over the past few years Houghton has been a much in-demand soccer pundit working with RTE, Sky Sports and TalkSport but says that he likes to play golf to unwind and admits to becoming quite competitive.

Asked if he could take some responsibility for the craze that became Football Manager, the game he helped develop with Sports Interactive, Houghton was pleased with its popularity.

“It was important that we didn’t get it perfect because no football manager’s job is perfect. It was great to be involved with the game.”

However, he revealed that he doesn’t think he would get involved in management in reality.

“I think that I would have needed to get into it a lot earlier for this to be an option. I feel I could do a job somewhere, but it’s not something I am thinking about.”



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