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Dave talks to Socket, Arthur and Debbie from the Peoples Republic of Cork forums. Debbie is located in Israel.

On the show we discuss:

The London riots…

The News of the World phone hacking scandal…

Duffer vs Lamps….

Rosie Webster…

And much more.

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We are joined by members and Speartackle writers Alan (Limerick) and Peter in Toronto and Morne in Capetown.

The lads give an in dept view into the Tri Nations and the effects this will have on the big guns for the Rugby World cup.

They look back at the Heineken Cup draw and give their views on the groups involving the Irish provinces.

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Mike, “Bill Clinton”, joins me from the Digital Spy Forum for the first episode of this Media Horizons chat show.

We discuss:

– The Closure of the News of the World, is it really closing?

– The Apprentice, who will win?

– Big Brother on Channel 5.

– X Factor

– Is there a Digital Spy type person?


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We are joined by members and Speartackle writers Alan (Limerick) and Peter (Wicklow).

We look ahead to Ireland’s chances in the upcoming Rugby World Cup and discuss the competitive Northern and Southern Hemisphere teams looking to prove a point.

Connacht Rugby gets a special mention for their place in the Heineken Cup.


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This clip highlights the need for traffic lights. Look closely and see if you can spot the small green car that appears to have escaped the sandwich.


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Taken from Yahoo News.

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“Lord Diljit Rana argues that the time is right for Ireland to become a member of the Commonwealth again.

The outstanding success of the recent visit by the Queen and Prince Philip to Ireland showed clearly that relations between the United Kingdom and Ireland are better now than ever before. The suspicion and mistrust of generations have been consigned to history, where they belong.

There’s now an opportunity, I believe, to build on the respect and understanding that clearly exists between both nations, in a manner which will create a new and beneficial role for Ireland. If political relationships have been strained at times in the past, trade links have continued to strengthen and the two economies are more closely linked than ever.

I am not suggesting that Ireland should give up its hard-won independence. Far from it, existing Commonwealth members value their independence and see the benefits of working together as respected partners. Ireland would be another independent member within this framework. It will be remembered that the Commonwealth includes other republics, and so monarchy is not an issue.

What I am suggesting is that Ireland consider the role it can play, not least in helping many smaller nations within the Commonwealth. Membership would in turn benefit Ireland immensely in economic terms, and the country could make a real contribution to the development and wellbeing of the Commonwealth as a whole.

The benefits for Ireland in terms of political standing and economic development would be considerable. The Commonwealth is an immensely important political and economic grouping representing two billion people worldwide. Its strength is its unity in terms of pluralism, liberalism, democracy and political institutions, notwithstanding diversity in race, ethnicity and religion.

There would be an opportunity for Ireland to exert a greater influence on global issues within a Commonwealth that comprises 54 independent, sovereign nations with a total population in excess of two billion, about one third of the world’s total population, across all six continents. These nations are deriving positive benefits from working together. Commonwealth nations cover about 21 per cent of the total world land area.

Furthermore, the Commonwealth has a combined gross domestic product (measured in purchasing power parity) of $10.6 trillion, 66 per cent of which is accounted for by the four largest economies: India ($3.6 trillion), the United Kingdom ($2.2 trillion), Canada ($1.3 trillion), and Australia ($824 billion).

Significant too is the growing economic strength of many Commonwealth nations, a performance that can help drive global recovery from recession. India, of course, continues to achieve exceptional GDP growth – India is sustaining GDP growth rates of around nine per cent. South Africa has been growing at around four per cent. Between them, Commonwealth countries trade around $4 trillion worth of goods, thus representing a huge business bloc.

So the Commonwealth presents a great business opportunity for Ireland to develop strong trading and investment relationships.

Ireland’s membership of the Commonwealth could also be expected to provide a secure foundation for further improving relations between the two parts of Ireland.

The strongest asset in this global age is unity. In the Commonwealth, developing countries are emerging as world powers, and the notion of ’empire’ has been replaced by the concept of the ‘global village’.

I wish to see a new Commonwealth developed which includes Ireland, and this would be within a unity of independent nations. In this we will find the greatest boon and a way to bridge the gaps between North and South, East and West, thereby making each member state an equal partner in a relationship founded on meaningful respect.

Diljit Singh Rana was raised to the peerage as Baron Rana, of Malone in the County of Antrim in 2004. He is the founder of Andras House, a leading property development and hospitality company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In 2004 Lord Rana was appointed the Honorary Indian Consul in Northern Ireland.”

Do you agree with Diljit Singh Rana? Would the UK and Commonwealth countries benefit from having Ireland rejoin?

How do the people of Ireland regard the Commonwealth?

What affect would it have on Ireland if they rejoined the Commonwealth?

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